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Smairflow system. Smart airflow.

Smairflow system was invented as an alternative to a widely used "classical" method of air distribution inside the climate chamber for drying of foodstuffs using airflow for uniform dehydration. Smairflow system was invented to save the 'classic' climatic chamber from its shortcomings, among them:

  • - unevenness of drying in the entire volume ;
  • - "dead zones" formed by "mainstreams" of air, that uses for its motion the easiest ways;
  • - greater fan power per square meter of usable area occupied by the product to compensate the "dead zones";
  • - limited use in areas with large occupancy.

Smairflow system allows implementing various kinds of drying with vertical product hanging or with the product, located on the horizontal grids.

Smairflow system consists of parallel-mounted ducts; its nozzles are directed at each other along the surface of a wall, floor or ceiling. When currents of air meet and reflect from the surfaces, which they are flowing by, they become summarized and directed in the right way through the product. Since air has almost no possibility of avoiding the required operating direction, the efficiency of the air use is close to 90%! On the opposite of the air intakes side ducts of the exhaust systems are located, they create a zone of low pressure (discharge zone), to mirror the design of air intakes.

Smairflow system is characterized in addition by the fact that the fans, creating pressure in each of the air intakes, have electronic or mechanical (almost no longer used) control for pressure changes alternately in each duct. This allows you to shift the air flow meeting front to distribute the air flow across the chamber area and ensure that there are no "dead zones".

The first animated picture shows how currents of air move inside the chamber bottom-up. This is the most common type of air distribution inside climate chambers. Air currents meet under the product, creating a zone of high pressure, and the air has nothing to do but move through the product up into the low-pressure zone or vacuum, created by the exhaust ducts. Since the system consists of two fans (or four) on each side, the fan, that creates more pressure at a moment of time moving the front of the massive ascending airflow to the opposite side, increases the negative pressure in the respective exhaust duct.


System with downward air flow is used where massive air flow through the product is not need, e.c. summer sausages (smoked sausages). Since the height of the ceiling is typically much higher than the upper edge of the frame with the sausage or fish, the pressure in the upper zone of high pressure falls uniformly and redistributes over the entire space above the frames. There is no powerful airflow appears there, only conditions for the uniform air mass flow in the direction of a low pressure zone, which created by the exhaust ducts of the recirculation system.


The following picture shows the airflow distribution in the systems with horizontal product placement. It can be products being dried on lattices or getting defrosted blocks in defrosting systems. In these systems, air ducts can be positioned horizontally, as shown, and can be vertically, if the distance between the ducts is not critically large. The most important advantage is that the air has nowhere to go except to go through the product, that allows you to talk confidently about using the maximum possible number of levels without damaging the product and avoid the "dead zones" formation.


The Smairflow system is used for chambers for cold drying of fish and meat products ripening, defrosting meat and fish blocks, as well as the basis for smoking chambers and many other applications where you need to get high quality product and uniformity of airflow through the product.

System Smairflow is protected by RF patent.

Patent 124117

© Nedosekov Kirill Workshop, 2013

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